SportsEngine Registration: Greater Toledo Inline Hockey League

Incident Report


Incident Report Form

GTIHL Rink Managers, Scorekeepers, Officials

Use this form to report injuries, medical situations, player/spectator behavior incidents and any 5 minute major penalties. Make sure you report the following in your incident report:

  1. Team names
  2. Player(s) name and number
  3. Time of Incident (Game Time)
  4. Penalties Assessed, Include Rule #

GTIHL Players, Spectators

The GTIHL strives to provide a quality hockey program that is enjoyable for all players, spectators, coaches, and officials alike. Use this form to report any incidents that you feel need to be investigated by the leagues board. Please be as objective and factual as possible.

Who should report:

  1. Only people who witness the incident should fill out the incident report with each witness filling out their own incident report.

Objective of Incident Report

This incident report has the following function:

  1. It informs the board members of an incident so the board can prevent similar incidents in the future.


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